Sins Of Style


The word sin is best explained in the song Peter Piper by Run-D.M.C. where they say, “Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good...”

Sin means separation. Sins Of Style means the separation of styles.

Biblically, we have all been led to believe that to sin is to create a gap, or imagine a gap formed between yourself and the oneness of God. At Sins Of Style we don’t care about that, but we do distinguish, study and seriously respect the different styles of tattoo.

The combined history of any particular style of tattooing - both its artistry and the accumulated culture of the men and women who wear these tattoos - is worth more than any one idea. We urge people to cock their idea and to get down with a style that is dope. Then look back on their original idea and together we figure out how to make a great tattoo in a style that we can both contribute to. If all goes to plan, we can exceed the confines of all known styles and make something new.

At Sins Of Style we want to enhance on our interpretation of the various styles of tattooing that you will see us do.

A few paragraphs written by a youngster, won’t begin to do these ideas justice, but they might help a newbie get a bit more understanding as to what makes us tick.